FESSTVaL Deployment

Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg, Germany

Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg, Germany

LR Tech is proud to participate and support the FESSTVaL campaign 2021.
For this event, LR Tech has deployed one of its instrument, the ASSIST II atmospheric sounder, and will be supporting the scientist community throughout the event while acquiring atmospheric radiance profile.
The ASSIST II, has been deployed at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg – Richard-Aßmann-Observatory (MOL-RAO) of the German Weather Service (DWD) near Berlin.

In FESSTVaL, about a dozen scientists from seven different institutions in Germany are working together. Most of the associates within the project are junior scientists (PhD and Postdoc), making the FESSTVaL campaign a living example of the influence of young scientists and a guarantor of a dynamic working environment.

The focus during the funding period of the project (January 2019 - December 2022) lies on four meteorological topics, which are dealt with by the individual sections (TB). These sections consist of scientists from the individual institutes and bring together expert knowledge.

  • Boundary layer patterns (TB Frankfurt)
  • Cold Pools (TB Hamburg)
  • Wind gusts (TB Köln/Bonn)
  • Citizen science (TB Berlin)

All along the mission, the daily atmospheric profiles will be posted on this webpage.

The thermodynamic profiles are derived from the ASSIST spectra by Dr. Dave Turner at the NOAA Global Systems Laboratory using his TROPoe physical retrieval algorithm.