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LR Tech is proud to introduce four models of high and low temperatures Blackbodies with exceptional emissivity and uniformity performance

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February 24, 2021
An LR Tech instrument is now crisscrossing the China Sea!
February 2, 2021
NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory acquires two ASSIST II atmospheric sounders
January 26, 2021
Ministry of Environment of South Korea acquires 3 Versatile Spectroradiometers (VSRs)
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At LR Tech, we strive to improve atmospheric sounding and remote sensing by providing reliable, automated, and cost-effective solutions. LR Tech offers field-tested hardware and software solutions with the highest performance available. Our integrated solutions are autonomous and 100% remotely controllable for trouble-free 24/7 unattended operation.

We support your application by integrating all processing in our sounding solutions and by providing you with the end products you want. Retrieved atmospheric parameters vs altitude are generated in real-time every 2 minutes with high vertical resolution. Standard atmospheric parameters include temperature, water vapor and ozone which are retrieved with the accuracy required for state-of-the-art planetary boundary layer weather applications. LR Tech atmospheric sounders can also measure concentration profiles of other important greenhouse gases such as CO2, CO, CH4 as well as several other molecules.

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