NOAA/Earth System Research Laboratory acquires two ASSIST II atmospheric sounders

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) recently purchased 2 of LR Tech’s ASSIST-II atmospheric sounder spectrometers, which is based on infrared spectral technology.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, the ESRL conducts comprehensive research on  atmospheric and other dynamic processes that affect air quality, weather, and climate variability, helping to improve critical weather and forecasting tools for the public and private sector.

Configured to be mobile and easily operated by only two people, the ASSIST II units were specially adapted to the ESRL’s requirements. Currently situated at a high-altitude site, the ASSIST II atmospheric sounders are a part of a non-disclosed on-going research project for renewable energy.

“We purchased LR Tech’s ASSIST II spectrometers because they offer the ability to provide high-time resolution thermodynamic profiles in the infrared portion of the spectrum, which will complement our other remote sensing instrumentation,” explained Dr. James WIlczak at the ESRL. “We intend to use the ASSIST to carry out studies of fundamental boundary layer phenomena and processes that are important for wind energy forecasting, severe storm initiation, and for evaluating numerical weather prediction.”