Ministry of Environment of South Korea acquires 3 Versatile Spectroradiometers (VSRs)

LR Tech is pleased to announce that South Korea’s Ministry of Environment has acquired 3 Versatile Spectrorardiometers (VSRs). LR Tech’s VSR is the most advanced, fast-scanning infrared emission spectroradiometer on the market.
The Ministry’s National Institute for Environmental Research (NIER) will use LR Tech’s technologies to remotely measure and monitor fine dust emissions and chemical concentration release from various industrial zones across South Korea.
The Ministry of Environment mandated LR Tech to customize our VSR devices based on initial testing in 2019. After conducting extensive studies on spectroscopic measurement technique, the VSR fully met the ministry’s requirements.

With the first 3 units, NIER will launch a process of standardization and measurement of atmospheric pollution at the main industrial sites in South Korea. This process will determine with precision and in real time industrial air pollutants generated by incinerators and various industrial sectors.
In spring 2021, LR Tech will send a team of engineers to train and support NIER experts in using the VSR. More VSR units will likely be required later on in 2021.
Following requests from the NIER, LR Tech is currently working on including additional molecules to be detected by the VSR.

Stay tuned for upcoming news on the project!