New compact interferometer for OEM application

Last August, LR Tech shipped the first series of its new compact interferometer dedicated to the integrator market and first responder applications.

This compact 152 in³ (6.7 "x5.7 "x4") interferometer allows the integration on various platforms without requiring complex and costly interfaces.

It is designed to operate in harsh environments and is the perfect size to be integrated on airborne platforms, such as UAVs or intervention vehicles (fire engines), allowing the remote identification of chemical compounds present on the intervention site.

Its radiometric performance and stability enable the detection of multiple molecules, even at low concentrations.

Its design, based on a Michelson interferometer, uses a metrology system based on a fiber laser diode. The spectral range from 660 to 5000 cm-1 and its spectral resolution of 1 cm-1 are perfectly adapted for gas detection applications by infrared remote sensing.

Finally, its open architecture offers increased flexibility allowing its adaptation and the interface of various accessories and the type of detector.