The Enterprise

Founded in 2003, LR Tech develops robust solutions for atmospheric and defense remote sensing applications.  Customers come to us with challenges that cannot be met with ordinary commercial products.  We pride ourselves in delivering what we promised and providing our partners with the support they need.  Our products are used in applications ranging from atmospheric temperature and moisture sounding to infrared (IR) signature measurements of military targets.

The products developed at LR Tech are state-of-the-art instruments based on IR and spectrally-resolved IR technologies.  We offer advanced, turn-key products that are designed to operate dependably in harsh environments. Our revised version of the ASSIST-II atmospheric sounder, and our newly developed fast scanning VSR (Versatile SpectroRadiometer) are based on state-ot-the-art FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) designs.

At LR Tech, we provide uncommon innovation while staying lean and agile.  This is achieved by concentrating on the systems-level design and systems-level specification and relying on a network of specialized experts for specific engineering tasks. Once the instrument design is complete, we procure, assemble, and test the instrument against design test criteria.  This structure also allows us to efficiently serve customer with unique requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your remote sensing applications and requirements.