Integrity is guiding every choice and action we made. We value respect, honesty, transparency and ethical behaviors.

At LR Tech, every member must abide to a strict code of conduct and act with transparency. Each team member is engaged to respect our commitments and principles.


Innovation propels our daily activities. We constantly work to develop new products and improve our services and processes. Our goal is to procure the best experience on the market to our customers and ensure the growth of the company.


By promoting the autonomy for each employee, LR Tech is procuring the latitude needed to generate individual initiative, creativity and innovation. Each employee takes personal engagement toward actions requested to contribute to the achievement of our objectives while feeling accountable for their own actions and decisions. The company is committed to support its employees through the development of a link of confidence based on solidarity and loyalty.


Passion represent our capability to push beyond our limit and constantly undertake new challenges. Passion allow us to deeply focus on every project we make. It also encourages creativity and innovation. LR Tech recruit and hire passionate and engaged people who want to evolve in a fun and motivating work environment.


Rigor allow us to act and make objective decisions constantly and repeatably. It allows us to provide exceptional quality product and services to our customers.