Blackbody Calibration

LR Tech is equipped with a laboratory capable of performing precise calibration of any type of external  blackbody (cavity or extended area), and high precision thermistors. Using state-of-the-art technology, your thermistors will be stabilized over long period of time to get the most precise measurement possible.

Don’t use expired calibrations for your calibration sources, contact LR Tech to get a certified calibration for your high precision calibration sources!

Custom System Designs

LR Tech can help you get the right instrument for your unique applications. If our instrumentation can not meet your unique requirements, we will work with you in designing a custom system. We will be working with you, from the application specifications, to the drawing board, assembly and testing.

At LR Tech, we provide uncommon innovation while staying lean and agile.  This is achieved by concentrating on the systems-level design and systems-level specification and relying on a network of specialized experts for specific engineering tasks. This structure also allows us to efficiently serve customer with unique requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your remote sensing applications and requirements.