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Low temperature, high emissivity, extended area blackbody

LR Tech’s extended area blackbody for low temperature, model B-100TE, offers a high emissivity that is well characterized over its entire spectral range. Its surface is composed of over 70 small pyramids providing increased emissivity compared to conventional flat blackbodies. It comes with its own spectral emissivity certificate.


The blackbody is contained within a compact housing weighing only 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs). Its controller is fully integrated, making the unit more flexible for field application while offering the accuracy of a laboratory unit.

Because of its small footprint, the B-100TE can be used in small or hard-to-reach areas and can simplify setup requirements. Its large display provides an easy readout even at a distance.


The blackbody comes with its own software for easy interfacing with LR Tech’s spectroradiometers and for easy calibration and experimental data storage under the data base offered with the Edgar2 software package.

The B-100TE covers a temperature range from ambient -5°C to +100 °C, with a reading accuracy of ±0.5 %. A precision temperature sensor (thermistor, 10 k) is independently calibrated for high accuracy and repeatability. The temperature controller uses the industry standard PID algorithms to control the blackbody temperature to within ±0.5 °C. The blackbody is using a Thermo-Electrical Cooler (TEC) geometrically positioned to minimize temperature gradient onto the entire surface. It configuration offers a short stabilization time and stable temperature control.


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