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Edgar Atmospheric Sounding Package

Be in total control of your instrument with Edgar!

Edgar is the tool of choice for operating the Assist II atmospheric sounder and manipulating its data. Edgar is a modern software designed to get the maximum out of your instrument by providing you the full control over it. It is the first software to seamlessly automate all the data processing from raw acquired data up to the profiles of atmospheric parameters.

  • Work from anywhere: Edgar allows you to control your instrument from a remote location while it is in the field or in the lab
  • Access your data: Open data from the Assist and any other LR Tech instrument directly from Edgar
  • Manipulate less data: Edgar has built in tools to automate the process of generating various data products, like the atmospheric profile parameters. Not just interferograms or spectra.
  • Monitor your instrument: Edgar allows you to monitor your instrument vital systems from the comfort of your office while your instrument is doing the hard work. Edgar can also automatically send you alert via emails to let you know when critical events occurs.
  • Generation of various atmospheric and gaseous profiles, including, but not limited to;
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Carbon monoxide
    • Methane
    • Relative Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Contact LR Tech for an exhaustive list of available parameters
  • Control and acquire data from any LR Tech instrument
  • Perform complex data calibrations to obtain precise atmosphere radiance, spectrums or profiles.
  • Extensive monitoring tools for your deployment needs
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