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High temperature, extended area blackbody series

The extended area blackbody series offered by LR Tech consists of blackbodies with exceptional emissivity, uniformity and stability. Their computerized interface allows easy monitoring and storage of relevant blackbody performance during calibration of optical devices. Their compact and ruggedized design makes them the best calibration tools for laboratory and field applications.

  • B-500HE-10: 10 cm x 10 cm high temperature extended area blackbody
  • B-500HE-20: 20 cm x 20 cm high temperature extended area blackbody

The B-500HE series are high temperature extended area blackbodies offering high accuracy and very good uniformity (better than 5 %) over 90 % of the emitting surface. Their emissivity is spectrally characterized and comes with it own certificate.


Their stability and uniformity is ensured by the added thermal mass (a copper plate) that is heated and well coupled to the blackbody plate. This provides an improved stability and uniformity compared to conventional blackbodies.


The blackbody can be configured directly using its built-in interface. A USB/Ethernet interface is also available for ease of use with a computer and/or a dedicated network. An optional software package is also available allowing processing of acquired data directly under the Edgar2 software library of LR Tech.

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