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Edgar Remote Sensing Package

Edgar is the tool of choice for operating the VSR spectroradiometer and manipulating its data. Edgar is a modern software designed to get the maximum out of your instrument by providing you full control over it. With Edgar, you can be sure to get your crucial data when you need it, in the lab or during your field deployments.

  • Multiple data products: Edgar does not only provide raw interferograms, but also produces numerous data products automatically. These includes calibrated radiance and irradiance, noise estimates, brightness temperature and emissivity characterization.
  • Script capabilities: With Edgar, you never need to manually process your data anymore. Edgar includes a built-in Python interpreter, allowing you to automate all the processing steps through scripts.
  • Extensive monitoring tools: Consult your instrument vitals remotely by monitoring various sensor readings in real time
  • Remote operation: Use Edgar to operate your instrument from a remote and safe location, while your instrument is in the field.
  • Control and acquire data from any LR Tech instrument
  • Perform complex data calibrations to obtain precise target radiance
  • Extensive monitoring tools for your deployment needs
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